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Alkin Compressors has been making high quality air compressors for the diving industry since 1992. We manufacture systems that provide between a 3.7 and 50 SCFM charge rate with a max 6000 PSIG, along with nitrox blending compressors, to create a complete system for scuba enthusiasts.

Our air quality is beyond industry standards and complies with EN12021 & CGA E Grade air quality. Our fill stations are built to exceed NFPA standards with independent certification from a third party laboratory. You may view our certifications on the certifications page.

Dependability and safety are the two core values of Alkin Scuba Compressors. Our designs incorporate the latest technology with the highest quality materials and undergo a hypercritical quality control process to be tested for safety and reliability. Alkin customers know they can trust the quality of their compressors and divers will not only get ultra-pure breathing air under water, but also complete Alkin satisfaction.

Alkin W4 Canopy Air Compressor

  W4 Silent Canopy​

  • Max working pressure 415 Bar/6000 Psi

  • 24 / 35 CFM options

  • Electric / Gas / Diesel power options

  • ​Auto Start/Stop/Condensate drain

  • Repackable and diposible purifier cartridge​

  • Low RPM - 650

  • Oil level switch

  • 62 dBA sound level

  • Nitrox compatible

  • Removable fill panel station

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Alkin W32 Silent Canopy Air Compressor

  W32 Silent Canopy​

  • Max working pressure 345 Bar/5000 Psi

  • 8.8 / 11.8 CFM options

  • ​Auto Start/Stop/Condensate drain

  • Repackable and diposible purifier cartridge​

  • Low RPM - 1600

  • Oil pressure switch

  • 72 dBA sound level

  • Nitrox compatible

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Alkin Scuba Fill Panel

Scuba Fill Stations


Item: DiveFill-4  

Item Number: Alk-dv-fs-4

This fill station specifically designed for dive shops. Fill station can be mounted on a wall or compressor. it can be easily hooked to air storage system or feed directly from the compressor. Fill station comes with unique easy use, self bleed Alkin stainless steel filler valve and allows operator to fill 4 tanks at a time.

Fill station can be designed as dual pressure system with integrated regulator allows operator to select between different pressure ratings. 

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Alkin Air Cascade Systems

Air Storage Systems

We provide technical assistance on Air Cascade Systems for SCUBA and industry. A system may include two or more ISO/UN/DOT cylinders, mounted in your facility, on a mobile air trailer.

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Alkin Nitrogen Blender

Nitrogen Blenders

The LM.NT mixer family consists of four models, that are CE certified. Each LM.NT product will give you with a solution to accomplish your objectives, from the "basic" blender, the initial stage in the manufacturing of Nitrox; to the "King" blender, with its own software, either fixed or for expedition.

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Scuba Diver with Surface Supply Hookah Air Compressor

Surface Supply Hookah Air Compressor

Surface supply diving, also known as hookah diving, is suitable for those who prefer to explore the underwater world without the bulky equipment of traditional scuba diving. You can explore using a hookah diving device with minimum disturbance in your range of motion.

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