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Alkin Compressors started manufacturing high pressure air compressors, fill stations and other accessories for the paintball and airsoft industries over two decades ago. Our experience includes making portable small air compressors for individual paintball and airsoft enthusiasts as well as large, complex units for professional paintball parks and shops.


We do it all, from design to installation, including compressors, cascade systems and fill units up to 6000 PSI working pressure for any specification or requirements.


​Our success in the industry stems from years of experience and high performance in the global HP air compressor market. Each unit or system is designed with the highest quality materials to withstand the operations. When we design our units, our goal is to create basic and self-serviceable units to make servicing easy and hassle-free for our customers.

Air Compressors

Alkin compressors are number one choice when it comes to paintball since they are the lowest RPM air compressor in the high pressure  air compressor market. Low RPM allows compressor to run cool and continuously without any down time during hot and cold days. This factor also extends the maintenance time of the compressors due to less wear and tear on moving parts like valves, piston, rods etc.  

Our compressors come equipped with either electric, gas or diesel drive. All our models come fully automatic and they will top off the pressure on your storage tanks automatically when needed. All you need to do is start the compressor at the beginning of the day and it will do the rest.

Alkin will never disappoint you or your customers.

Alkin W32 Mariner Air Compressor

  • 3.7 to 35 CFM air capacity options

  • 4500, 5000 and 6000 PSI pressure range

  • Electric, Gas or Diesel drive selections

  • ​Auto Start/Stop/Condensate drain package

  • Low RPM

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Air Storage Cascade Systems

We provide technical assistance on Air Cascade Systems for paintball industry. A system may include two or more ISO/UN/DOT cylinders, mounted in your facility, on a mobile air trailer.

Our cascade systems come as complete and easy to assemble packages. We are careful to use high quality and 6000PSI rating parts to avoid any future problems.

Alkin Air Storage Cascade Systems

  • 2 Tanks 4500 PSI Air Cascade System

  • 4 Tanks 4500 PSI Air Cascade System 

  • 2 Tanks 5000 PSI Air Cascade System

  • 4 Tanks 5000 PSI Air Cascade System

  • 2 Tanks 6000 PSI Air Cascade System

  • 4 Tanks 6000 PSI Air Cascade System

Fill Stations

Alkin fill stations are easy use, durable fill station designed for paintball fields, air-soft stores and individual airgun enthusiasts. Fill station has a self bleed stainless-steel filler valve which has no direct impact on any o-ring inside, therefore operator doesn't experience leakage issues even when it's used for highly busy operations.

Fill station comes with a fill whip with an elbow for easy connection and quick connect fill valve to fit air-tanks. Antirust power coating prevents rusting when fill station used under high humid and wet air conditions.

Valve repair kits are also available for servicing.

Alkin Fill Stations

  • 1 Man Fill Station 

  • 2 Man Fill Station 

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Paintball Packages

TEAM Paintball Package (0 - 50 people)

Alkin Fill Panel
Cascade 1.png
Alkin High Pressure Air Tank
Alkin W31 Vertical Air Compressor

TEAM Paintball Package Includes:

W31 Mariner 4.9 CFM Air Compressor

One Man Fill Station

2 x 4500 PSI Cylinder Tanks

FIELD Paintball Package (50 - 150 people)

Alkin Fill Panel
Cascade 1.png
Cascade 1.png
Alkin High Pressure Air Tanks
Alkin W32 Mariner Air Compressor
Cascade 1.png

FIELD Paintball Package Includes:

W32 Mariner Air Compressor

Two Man Fill Station

4 x 4500 PSI Cylinder Tanks

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