Founded in 1990

Our Company was established in 1990 by Engineer Erol Çiprut. Production activities are carried out on total area of 16.500m2 including 3500m2 closed area in Menderes, İzmir. ALKIN COMPRESSORS is one of the world’s and Turkey’s leading compressor manufacturers with products that appeal to different sectors, fast and high quality service, recognition in domestic and international markets and rising export. We are proud to say the major share of our production is accounted by exports to more than 120 countries.


In June 2012, Aydin Trafo MAK. SAN. ve TİC. A.Ş. which has been operating in the reciprocating and screw compressors sector since 1978, incorporated our company which is a pioneer in the production of high pressure compressors for breathing air.


Our company is taking stronger steps in domestic and foreign markets with Aydin Trafo MAK. SAN. ve TİC. A.Ş.’s production experience based on many years. The investments required for R&D and quality assurance will continue in the upcoming periods. Our goal is not only to offer high quality compressors to our valued customers, but also to provide continuous training and development for our employees who have both engineering and non-engineering backgrounds. With our technical knowledge and experience, our companies which have proved themselves in the worldwide, will be very happy to serve you with their understanding of quality and customer satisfaction.

R&D Center

Aiming to be one of the biggest manufacturers in the high pressure air/gas compressor sector, Alkın Compressors was registered as an R&D Center on 07.11.2018 by the Ministry of Industry and Technology as a result of attaching importance to R&D activities. Alkın Compressors manufactures air/gas compressors of good quality and performance to meet world standards by combining its existing knowledge with R&D vision and keeps customer satisfaction at the highest level.

Alkın Compressors R&D Center takes producing high value-added products as mission by combining information and technology. Our company, which produces high-tech compressors with qualified R&D Center staff to its customers, contributes to the development of domestic and national technologies targeted by our country´s 2023 strategy. In particular, Alkın Compressors manufactured breathing air compressors, nitrogen production system and filling stations for the National Ship (MİLGEM), Amphibious Ship (LST) project, Multi-Purpose Amphibious Assault Ship (LHD) Project, which has a high share of the domestic defence industry contribution rate, made a very important contribution to the domestic and national technology moves.
Our company, which has 29-year of experience in the sector, believes that the production processes should involve theoretical knowledge as well as practical experience. Envisioning to take place in R & D processes of University-Industry Collaboration more efficiently, Alkın Compressors has signed cooperation agreements with universities in İzmir province and has started public-supported project works under the consultancy of academicians specialized in relevant fields.

Allocating a significant part of its turnover to R&D since its establishment, Alkın compressors has gained a more dynamic and sustainable institutional structure thanks to being registered as an R&D Center.