Air Dryer


HKP Series air dryers are designed with the principle of "Maximum Performance in Difficult Conditions" and operate up to 140 °F inlet and 122 °F ambient temperatures, thanks to the environmentally friendly R134a gas and large surface area condensers.

Integrated Filters

The inlet and outlet filters placed in the canopy not only increase the performance and quality, but also prevent the extra piping required to the inlet and outlet of the dryer.


Compact Design


Every centimeter inside the dryer has been used with care and high efficiency.


Easy Access


With screwless connections and plastic handles, it takes a few seconds to reach the cooling circuit.


Internal Ventilation


With the ventilation duct placed in the interior of the dryers whose condensers are placed on the upper part, it is ensured that the hot air passing through the condenser is not fed back into the dryer. Thus, maximum efficiency is achieved in in-machine ventilation.


Outdoor Ventilation


Thanks to the specially designed bolts placed on the upper canopy sheet in large dryers with the condenser placed on the upper part, the external ventilation channels (to prevent the machine room from overheating or to heat other rooms with the hot air coming out) can be easily mounted and do not require extra labor.


Automatic Evacuation System


Liquid water droplets coming from the line are separated and removed by the water separator before entering the dryer, thus maximizing the performance of the dryer.




All necessary parts are covered with insulation material of sufficient thickness in order to prevent the heat from the external environment and to ensure the highest performance. Here, not only the cooling circuit, but also the cold drainage pipes and hoses are not overlooked.


Independent Electrical Panel


The panel is isolated from the cooling circuit. The panel with the outer cover provides quick access during any electrical operation without the need to open the dryer canopies.


Dryer Electrical Connection


It is quite easy to make an electrical connection to the dryer. The electrical line cables fixed with the unions provide direct access to the electrical box without entering the dryer.


Hot Gas By-Pass Valve


By-Pass Valve Especially in large dryers, Hot Gas By-Pass valves are also quite large. In large dryers, even a small amount of hot gas sent unintentionally affects the dryer performance badly. For this reason, we take care not to use ordinary Hot Gas By-Pass valves in large systems we design. While the valve used is controlled by pressure as in ordinary HGBPVs, it also maximizes performance by closing the solenoid valve fully when the dryer requires 100% cooling.

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