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Alkin Compressors started manufacturing high pressure air compressors, fill stations and other accessories for firearm industry over two decades ago. Our experience includes making portable small air compressors for individual airgunners and as well as large, complex units for professional fields and shops.


Alkin compressors are number one choice when it comes to high pressure air compressor since they are the lowest RPM air compressor in the market. Low RPM allows compressor to run cool and continuously without any down time during hot and cold days. This factor also extends the maintenance time of the compressors due to less wear and tear on moving parts like valves, piston, rods etc.


​Each unit or system is designed with the highest quality materials to withstand the operations. Our compressors lasts decades and they require very little maintenance as simple as oil and filter change. When we design our units, our goal is to create basic and self-serviceable units to make servicing easy and hassle-free for our customers.

Alkin W31 Mariner Vertical Air Compressor

 #1 Selling Airgun Compressor


 W31 Mariner Vertical

  • 3.9 CFM Free Air Delivery

  • 5000 PSI Max Air Pressure

  • Low RPM - 1050

  • Moving wheels

  • Repack-able cartridge

  • Easy fill - Quick connect filler valve

  • First Maintenance time 1000 Hours

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