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Surface Supply Hookah Dive Compressor

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An underwater diver doesn't always require the whole flexibility provided by the SCUBA air system, especially when the diver is immersed in a small region for extended periods of time.
The "Hookah" (Surface Air Supply) was created specifically for such uses. No high-pressure air tanks, such as those carried on a diver's back, are used in the Hookah air system. Instead, it makes use of a surface-mounted compact air compressor.

The air is given to the diver through a floating air hose and is driven by a 14 hp gasoline engine motor. The diver has an infinite supply of air with the Hookah system, which will only stop flowing when the engine or motor that drives the compressor stops working. When compared to the expense of replacing SCUBA tanks every hour or so, this results in a genuinely cost-effective air system that will rapidly pay for itself.

Operating Pressure
Maximum Pressure
Motor Power
Tank Size
Dimensions (W x L x H)
Hookah - 5.5
175 psi
200 psi
5.5 hp
60 gal.
58 x 21 x 42 inches
276 lbs.
Hookah - 14
175 psi
200 psi
14 hp
80 gal.
68 x 23 x 46 inches
463 lbs.

Standard  Features

  • P41 Purifier with Repackable Purifier Cartridge

  • 4 Air Outlets

  • Easy Start Air Valve

  • Water Separator

  • Purifier Vent Valve

  • Safety Valve at Each Stage

  • Pressure Gauge

  • Oil Level Glass

  • Manual Start / Stop

  • Portable Design (Only for 5.5 hp unit)

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