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W32 Canopy

Apr 2, 2021

Aydin and John have been my contacts with Alkin and I can't say enough wonderful things about them and their service!

Our compressor isn't too old, but we probably don't treat it as well as we should and it was crapping out on us earlier this year. Aydin put me in touch with Engineer John so he could help walk me through the troubleshooting to fix everything.

John was a few time zones away, but always so reachable and extremely patient!

Thank you, guys so much! Stellar folks!

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W31 Mariner Vertical

I purchased the Alkin W 31 for my PCP Airgun and it is built like a tank!!!! When I first received the compressor, I talked to Aydin and he was the most knowledgeable, and friendly guy you’ll ever meet! The customer service there is excellent!!!!! Don’t waste your time and money on anything else but an Alkin compressor! You’ll NEVER regret it for the rest of ur life!!!!!!!!!




W32 Mariner

Dec 31, 2020

So I got a new compressor. 1. Thank you East coast divers for the brand recommendation. 2. Alkin compressors are made in the USA, and they will service them up here. Aydin is the contact , he literally drove up from NJ with his mechanic to give me a personal tutorial on how to use it etc etc. his cell is 212 602-1131 ( texting is fine). I’ve been so impressed with his customer service , responsiveness and knowledge. Text , email, FaceTime , phone calls and today in person. If you are thinking about getting a compressor. I strongly recommend giving these guys a look. https://www.alkinus.com/w32-mariner. There is a smaller one that costs less like 4000, this one was 8500 but is 10HP and filled two steel 120’s from 0 to full in 24 minutes. Typical fill from
Say 1500 to full was like 12 minutes.

K. Smith


W31 Mariner Horizontal

Jan 26, 2021

Aydin are his crew are fantastic! Reached out to him over the phone to get some pricing, He gave me all the information asked for. Following day i was there to purchase a brand new machine. He showed me different models an showed me around the warehouse. They have a neat and clean repair area where we tested fired and mocked up our set up. They had everything available and ready from compressor fittings and hoses to future maintenance items. Great Customer service. Very accommodating. I only wish i knew about them sooner! Excited to work again with them in the future.


B. Chaffee


W31 Mariner Vertical

Feb 12, 2021

I needed a reliable compressor for my dive business that didn’t take up too much space, or needed 3 phase power. Initially I was reluctant to buy a smaller compressor but since it’s automatic I just start it and leave it to fill until it turns itself off. Depending on size, it takes about 15-20 min to fill a tank and the added benefit is that they don’t get warm due to the slightly longer fill cycle. During high season we use about 20-30 tanks a week and the W31 is more than adequate for that. I also like the fact that it’s so quiet and that filter maintenance is easy and very affordable. My only regret is that I didn’t get one sooner!

Gunnar Ek