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Mechanical air compressors play an essential part in manufacturing, household, industrial, and agricultural applications. The capability to pressurize air has boosted production in factories and pressing plants across a wide range of sectors, including furniture, glass, food packaging, and metal fabrication.

We supply widespread solutions for the industries of manufacturing, maritime, defense, oil & gas, fire & safety, pet bottle blowing, injection molding, and laser cutting. We provide systems with capacities from 3.7 to 212 CFM, operating pressures ranging from 120 to 6000 PSI, and engine needs ranging from 1 to 420 hp.

Alkin 702 Compressor System Solution

Compressor Solution

Alkin 530 Booster Solution

Booster Solution

Here at Alkin Compressors, we provide turn-key air solutions to the PET industry with over 40 years old experience. These air solutions for this industry contain multiple elements such as compressors, boosters, filters, air receivers, and air dryers.

Polyethylene terephthalate (PET), polyethylene (PE), polypropylene (PP), and polycarbonate (PC) plastic kinds are usually used to manufacture various forms of plastic containers and bottles. PET bottles are manufactured through a blow molding technique by blow molding machines requiring a 300-600 psi air pressure range. Currently, the PET bottle industry has grown tremendously in recent years, especially after the Covid-19 pandemic. Many companies want to become more independent due to supply chain issues and increased expenses in transportation; thus, these companies started to build their own pet bottle production plants for their own operations.

Out of all the components in the PET bottle-blowing system, compressors are the most essential units of the whole system. The requirements of the blowing application must be examined carefully considering the industry, air pressure, and capacity. Also, the extreme temperature and pressure conditions of the fabrication process at extended periods require an accurate airflow within the system. This role is played by the compressor, thus the success of the process depends on the selection of the air compressor properly.

The system can be designed with booster compressors if the required air capacity is not sufficient by just air compressors. A piece of equipment that amplifies the pressure of pre-compressed air in an industrial system is known as a high-pressure booster compressor. A standard high-pressure booster compressor can multiply a pre-compressed air pressure by up to ten times.


Medium Pressure Air Compressors: 225-1015 PSI

Medium Pressure
Air Compressors

Working Pressure

1015 PSI / 70 Bar


  • Pet Bottle Blowing

  • Maritime Applications

  • Industrial Applications

  • Gas Filling Facilities

  • Test Equipments

  • Military Applications

Alkin 524 Canopy Air Compressors

Low Pressure Air Compressors: 100-200 PSI

Low Pressure
Air Compressors

Working Pressure

100-200 PSI / 7-13 Bar


  • Manufacturing Facilities

  • Industrial Applications

Alkin Belt Drive Air Compressors

Booster Compressors: 580 PSI

Booster Compressors

Working Pressure

580 PSI / 40 Bar


  • Pet Bottle Blowing

  • Gas Filling Applications

  • High Voltage Circuit Interrupters

  • Industrial Applications

  • Test Equipment

Alkin 530 Booster Air Compressor
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