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Helium recovery systems are becoming increasingly attractive due to the rising prices of this commodity. When helium is extracted from an open system for distribution or delivery purposes, it cannot be directly returned to a liquefaction unit without undergoing prior processing. This is usually because the pressure or capacity of the liquefier is insufficient, the moisture content is too high, or a combination of these factors exists. Processing methods involve the collection of helium, as well as compression, drying, and storage at high pressures.

ALKIN COMPRESSORS offers various components and complete systems for helium recovery. These components include gas balloons, high-pressure compressors, filters for removing oil, dryers, gas cylinders, and high-pressure vessels for storage. Linde's systems cover the entire process, from helium collection to the feed nozzle of the helium liquefier.

ALKIN also provides reservoirs and storage containers suitable for storing gases like helium or nitrogen at different pressures and temperatures. They offer a range of low-, medium-, and high-pressure containers designed for various pure or contaminated gases. These pressure containers are available in different configurations for vertical or horizontal installation. They are constructed and tested according to the prevailing specifications for pressure containers in the country of destination, such as PED or ASME regulations.

The use of helium as a highly effective tracer gas for leak detection is widespread. However, the escalating costs associated with helium pose a significant concern in today's production environments, as they have a detrimental impact on profit margins.


ALKIN has developed an all-new helium recovery system in an outstandingly compact design in response to specific market demand. Standard systems which collect helium in bulky external gas balloons are often too big for many applications. Hospitals, laboratories, and other medical facilities often work with small volumes of helium but have limited space. We are also well known for developing the HRS for your specific purposes.

The compact plug-and-play solution accommodates all the system components in a neat vertical housing that minimizes the machine footprint. As a standout feature, the gas balloon for helium collection is dimensioned in alignment with the system output and directly integrated into the housing. An ultra-compact compressor block compresses the helium from the balloon to 200 bar. After passing through the integrated gas purification system, the compressed helium then has a sufficient purity level for processing by any condenser. The system thus makes an important contribution to conserving supplies of helium, a rare gas.


Helium Recovery System Working Principle
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