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In AYDIN TRAFO High Pressure Washing Machines, 3-cylinder ceramic piston INTERPUMP brand pumps are used. Maximum performance and necessary safety are provided by using by-pass system regulators for these pumps.




- Adjustable water temperature from 30 °C to 120 °C
- Double row vertical type serpentine
- Double wall combustion chamber
- 4.5 Gal diesel tank volume

- Ceramic piston
- Double row sealing system
- Leakage relay
- Emergency stop button
- Self-closing Start-Stop button in case of emergency
- By-pass with safety limiter
- Water filter
- Easy to carry and use thanks to ergonomic design
- Coupled Pump motor connection
- Easy service thanks to coupling and havzing connection
- Wide service network
- Affordable spare parts
- High Strength polyester cabinet
- Total stop (trigger control) optional

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