Direct Drive Air Screw Compressors


Direct Driven series compressors eliminate the disadvantages of the compressoras which are operating with belt/pulley system. Minimum transmission loss: Contrary to the conventional type connections, electric motor and screw block is connected to each other directly in coupled series. In coupled compressor interconnected with direct (1:1) drive, trnsmission loss arising from the power transmission is reduced to zero.


Minimum Failure and Service Cost
Since no interconnection is used for power transmission, it comprises less components. Moreover, our low-speed and high air efficiency provider compressors are exposed to less friction and service life of internal elements such as screw block and bearing increase 3-4 times and service & failure costs are minimised.


Minimum Speed – Maximum Efficiency
Screw block which is creating compressed air has the most important part in long service life and efficiency of a screw air compressor. If the screw block provides the required efficiency at the as lowest speed as possible, it will be exposed to less friction and all parts of screw block, both screw and screw bearings, will not continue to operate without any performance loss. 

Radial Fan and Wide Radiator Surface
High Efficiency Screw Block
Microprocessor Control Panel
Cabin and Internal Components
Minimum Failure and Maintenance Cost
Optional Features
Security, Warranty and Service ​​​​
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