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Warranty Agreement

       Here at Alkin Compressors, we value your business and we work to provide the best service and machinery possible.  We do ask our customers to thoroughly review the manual guide provided with each compressor upon delivery. To better assist you, we have highlighted crucial information prior to setting up your new machine:

  • The compressor must be removed from the transportation pallet and placed on a flat, solid surface (i.e. concrete floor) prior to set-up.

  • The compressor must be stored in a room with adequate ventilation. The machine must be set up in a dry and sheltered environment, free of airborne contaminants, like dust.  Please do not store your compressor in high temperatures. Ambient temperature where the compressor is located must be between 41°F and 113°F.

  • Please ensure your compressor is placed 24 inches away from walls on all sides.

  • Operators of manual compressors without the auto drain feature must drain the valves in the water separator every 10 minutes for 2-3 seconds while machine is in use.

  • Do not attempt to modify a compressor to operate at a higher-pressure without written approval of ALKIN. 

  • The owner/operator is obligated to adhere to all maintenance procedures as outlined in manual.  Please use the oil brand we recommend for proper lubrication of your new compressor.  Should any issue arise, oil samples may be collected to assess the problem and determine a solution.

  • For gas-operated machines used for breathing-air applications, the intake hose must be at least 5 feet away from motor exhaust to ensure safe air quality.

  • The air cartridge must be replaced on time to maintain the air quality.

  • When possible, have the new compressor installed by a licensed electrician to ensure safety and functionality.

Should any electrical issue arise due to an insufficient or incompatible power supply, Customer will assume responsibility for repair costs and freight charges.

Alkin Compressors reserves the right to charge shipping and repair fees during the warranty period when issues or damage occur outside of the warranty agreement, i.e. failure to follow instructions outlined in manual. Should the ensuing inspection determine damage or issues occurred due to user error or failure to properly run the compressor, the customer shall assume the shipping and repair fees.

We appreciate your business and to better serve you, we ask you to follow all directions outlined when using your compressor. You can find more detailed guidelines in your manual.  Please contact us at Alkin Compressors with any questions.  To find out more about operating you compressor please visit our Frequently Asked Questions page. Thank you for your business.

To activate your warranty agreement with Alkin Compressors, please register your product.         

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