VSD Series Air Screw Compressors

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Inverter (VSD – Variable Speed Driver) compressors; provides 35% energy efficiency to the plants which have variable air capacities and increase the operating life of compressors.


Soft Start and Long Life
Excessive current drawn during the start-delta of the electrical motor(starting current) and mechanical loads are eliminated due to the soft start and stop features of the inverter. As a result, operating life of the compressor increases and maintenance costs decrease.

Economical Run and Constant Output Pressure
Standard air screw compressors switch to idle when targeted pressure is achieved and switch to load when the specific low pressure is reached. When compressor switches to idle, the electric motor keeps working at its constant speed and does not produce compressed air. Thus the compressor consumes 30% power of its load run. Moreover, in standard screw compressors, mechanical load variations occur during the shifts between loas and idle, and this causes the compressor equipments to fatigue and compressor construction to wear down in the long-term run. On VSD series, electric motor operates in optimum rpm to have the instant air demand. Thanks to that energy efficiency and constant ait pressure are supplied.

Low Reactive Power Consume
In inverter type compressors, the reactive power which has to be compensated is eliminated. The costs paid for the reactive power are reduced.

Constant Oil Temperature
Contrariwise the standard screw compressors, oil is not exposed to sudden heating and cooling regarding to the operations between low and high pressures. This decreases the thermal dilation loads for compressor circuit elements and especially bearings.

Harmonic Filter and Choke Coil Usage
A harmonic filter and a choke coil are used in inverter compressor systems and this protects both the inverter itself and the electric motor against the possible harmonics and valtage unbalances.

Belt Drive VSD.png