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Compressors & Parts


W4 Silent Canopy

Compressed air capacity ranges from 24 to 35 CFM per minute at a maximum working pressure of 6000 psi.



Air tanks temporarily store compressed air to deliver air to tools and equipment when the compressor isn't running or to supply additional air during periods of high demand. Smaller, portable tanks can be moved where needed without the additional weight of the compressor.



HKP Series air dryers are designed with the principle of "Maximum Performance in Difficult Conditions" and operate up to 140 °F inlet and 122 °F ambient temperatures, thanks to the environmentally friendly R134a gas and large surface area condensers.


W32 Mariner

W32 model compressors are ideal for compressed air needs in the commercial sector or industry, especially in diving and fire services with its 3-stage design and high-quality components.


W31 Mariner

The three-stage, reciprocating, splash lubrication system, and portable design of the W31 series compressors provide exceptional performance to their consumers. Compressed air capacity ranges from 3.7 to 4.9 CFM at a maximum working pressure of 5000 psi.


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